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Types of Rodents

Types of Rodents

Rodents are common mammals. In total, there are more than 2,200 species and more to be discovered that haven’t yet. Only a tiny fraction of these are different types of small pet rodents because hardly any have been domesticated. Our Little Miami Veterinary Services vets will provide information on rodents.

About Rodents:

The term ‘rodent’ comes from the Latin rodere, which means ‘to gnaw.’ This name and what it describes are what relate rodents to one another. They all have a large, strong set of incisors at the front of their jaws.

These incisors continuously grow longer throughout a rodent’s life. Rodents have to gnaw on solid things like pipes, tree roots, branches, and solid foods to keep them short. If they don’t, they will keep growing until they cause injury.

Types of Small Rodents:

Gerbil -- A small, social, and friendly pet with fluffy fur and a long tail. They don’t smell as bad as other rodents.

Hamster --Smaller than a gerbil and has a rounded body shape. Doesn’t live in pairs or smell nice

Guinea Pig -- Large rodents, at eight to ten inches with a stubby tail. Large, fluffy, and docile.

Mice -- Small pets with distinctive large ears. Wild mice have brown fur, but pet mice have lots of colors and patterns.

Rats -- Bigger than other rodents at 10 inches with an 8-inch tail on average. Sleek with short fur. The pet rat is the same species as the most common wild rat.

Chinchilla -- This exotic rodent comes from South America. They are much fluffier than any other rodent, which makes them look large. They are a little bigger than squirrels.

How to Choose a Pet Rodent:

When choosing a rodent for a pet there are a lot of things you need to consider like housing and space for it and the different dietary restrictions your rodent may have. Also, consider other pets in the home or other family members with possible allergies.

If your considering getting a rodent as a pet and have questions, contact our South Lebanon vets today for more information.

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